Waypoint Recap – August 2021

We had an incredible Waypoint to celebrate all that the Spirit is doing in the lives of our church members! Here’s the summary of what we presented.

Bible Character Parade

Some of our preschoolers put on the best Bible character parade in the world! Their cuteness was at epic proportionate levels, and their ability to teach us what they are learning in the Bible was amazing.


We provided some metrics to share with our church family (and they were actually a fun presentation – way to go kids for the help). At the 50% mark of the year, we have spent 47% of the budget and had contributions at 56%! We have taken care of all building renovations and paid it with cash. We have reached an incredible number of families even during these summer months. God is growing our church.

Fall Courses

We have some incredible Fall courses coming your way. You can register here!

Fall Events

We also have some great events planned for you and your family this Fall including:

  • Promotion Sunday – August 15
  • Kids’ Ninja Challenge – August 28
  • Personal Retreat – September 25
  • Family Gathering – October 31
  • The Further Conference – November 5-6
  • Waypoint – November 28

You can get more info on these events here.

Distracted Series

After we finish our Family Proverbs series, we are going into a 6-week series called Distracted. We start August 22.

The burden of busyness and the tyranny of technology is doing significant damage to our souls. Instead of being devoted, we are distracted. Instead of feeling focused, we fare frantically. We normalize stress and neglect stillness. If you feel overwhelmed with the pace of life, let God’s Word expose you to a different kind of standard.

Grow + Go

During the Distracted series, our worship services and Gospel Groups will be focusing on how we can help Miracle Hill. Get ready for some opportunities for how you can help!


As we continue to develop plans for how we will equip the next generation of ministry leaders, we are exploring an exciting partnership that will allow us to enter into a new phase of ministry multiplication. More details to come soon, but we are blown away at the potential of how God can use Rocky Creek in the years to come to further the Great Commission.

These are incredible days — let’s not take them for granted!

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