What Has to Change in Your Church to Make Disciples?

When you start talking to people about making disciples in the church, we often make excuses.

  • “Nobody wants to be discipled.”
  • “We need to change our programming to do it.”
  • “The pastor won’t use this curriculum.”
  • “The people won’t let me lead.”
  • “If we only had this, then that would happen.”

While I wholeheartedly believe that some situations are more apt to make disciples, we cannot wait for a perfect scenario. It won’t happen. In fact, if you blame the system, you must realize you are a part of that system.

The process of making disciples is when one person decides to make one other disciple. No one can stop you from doing that!

If you can’t make disciples within the current programming and budgetary structure, then that means you are looking for another program or another budget. 

With that type of mindset, it proves that we are a slave to our ideals and don’t realize that we are fixing one problem with another problem that we will have to address later.

Programs don’t make disciples – people do!

If you can’t disciple people in relationships with whatever existing structure exists, you may never get it.

Stop waiting on a perfect program to make a disciple. Be intentional and find someone eager.