You Are Not Meant to Remain Alone

God designed us to need a healthy community.

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone…”

Genesis 2:18

While Adam’s next connection would be with a spouse, this lonely status is more than just a call to be married. It’s a call to be connected.

Within God’s acknowledgment of Adam’s loneliness is a call for us to be relationally connected to other people as we walk through life.

Your closest relationships as individuals will bear significant weight on your perspectives in life. Whomever you allow to be in your inner circle will affect what you value. Surround yourself with immature believers who hold their vows loosely, and your marriage is immediately endangered. Ensure that the people closest to you are closest to God, and your life together has a fortitude that is hard to gauge.

The healthier your relationships, the stronger your life becomes.

We neglect tangible wisdom when we refuse to be intentional to learn from others. That’s why I cannot overstate the benefit of connecting in a healthy church. Your involvement must be more than attendance in large group gatherings. If all you do is come in late and leave early at a worship service without knowing anyone and being known by others, you are missing what the church is intended to be.

The Body of Christ is a group of people who are more than simple spiritual consumers. Biblical information is accessible easily, but biblical transformation happens often within the context of relationships. Commit to a local church that prioritizes biblical discipleship, honors faithful families, and fosters intentional relationships.  You need people around you if and when life gets challenging.

God designed us to need a healthy community. Within a local body of believers, God provides the wisdom, friendship, and support that we all crave to find.

Who will you be intentionally connecting with within your church?

Do not wait to find the perfect church because you will never discover it (and you would ruin it once you got there).

If you prioritize gospel-centered relationships, you increase the chance of surviving any onslaught brought against your life. Mentors and friends will reveal to you that your challenges are not unique. Within the context of these relationships, you will find practical wisdom and helpful testimonials on how to apply biblical truth in your life.

The church is meant to be a group of people who remind us that God hasn’t given up on us, and neither have they.

You will find differences. That is expected. But you will also find remarkable similarities. Within these relationships, you will be served with encouragement and serve as encouragers. Lessons that you share with one another help each bypass potential landmines and nurture flourishing lifestyles.