The Man on the Middle Cross

This short film is an incredible gospel resource by Spread Truth Ministries. I am so thankful for their work, led by Jerry McCorkle.

Jesus wants you!

But how do I accept this love of Jesus? How can I be saved from my own past, my own sin, and my own death someday? A man in Acts 16 asked the same question. The answer? “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!”

Do you think you’re too bad for Jesus to save you? The thief on the cross never had time to make his sin right and Jesus freely promised him a place in Heaven. Jesus didn’t weigh his good against his bad; Jesus accepted his belief. This belief will change your life if it is genuine. It changed a man who had been cursing Jesus moments before into a man who called Jesus “Lord”. He wasn’t just desperate; Jesus can tell the difference. A dying man can’t go from angry to peaceful on his own; trust in Jesus gave him peace. Your sin isn’t anything Jesus hasn’t seen before, and He still wants you.

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