For Those in Need of Hope

When we look around us at the state of the world, we can easily succumb to fear and anxiety. In the midst of unsettling times, you can turn to God for the hope that you so desperately need.

In addition to God’s forgiveness, we have ample reason to be thankful for His incredible greatness and power. In Psalm 65, David mentioned the comfort of knowing that God hears our prayers. When we ask of Him, He reveals His unmatched ability to remedy our concerns with sincerity and intentionality. We call, and He answers; when He answers, we hear Him loud and clear. We will never ask something difficult of Him that He cannot address.

You answer us in righteousness,
with awe-inspiring works,
God of our salvation,
the hope of all the ends of the earth
and of the distant seas.
You establish the mountains by your power;
you are robed with strength.
You silence the roar of the seas,
the roar of their waves,
and the tumult of the nations.
Those who live far away are awed by your signs;
you make east and west shout for joy.

Psalm 65:5-8

David says that God’s answers to our prayers are in righteousness. He never responds wrongly. God knows the right thing to do, and He has the power to pull it off. His works are not only right, but they are awe-inspiring to behold. When God moves, the whole world takes notice. 

At any time in history, people are craving a sense of hope.

  • In recent years, it seems as if the need for it has escalated.
  • The world’s changes have left us with differing levels of despair, confusion, and fear.
  • We put so much trust in our efforts only to be let down repeatedly.
  • Personal and national rainy days come and threaten our financial security.
  • Conflict on the other side of the world bears weight upon our circumstances.
  • Even those in peak physical condition have had to consider new threats unseen.

A spectacular opportunity has arisen through all this chaos – these times have reminded us that we are not God.

We cannot do the impossible. Only He can. 

Amid these turbulent times, we remember the only guaranteed source of hope. God is the completely righteous, all-powerful, gracious Savior offering hope to the whole world. His unrivaled power grants us confidence sorely needed in this world.