Vision + Mission 2023

Our church desires to take the Great Commission seriously and do our part to make disciples with all the opportunities given. We are prayerfully working toward some milestones in the coming year for the gospel’s sake.

Our Mission?

We are making disciples who take responsibility for Kingdom activity.

While we accept the concept of the Great Commission as a whole, we must move the ownership of it down to the individual level. More than discipleship being the whole church’s goal, what would it take for it to become the individual member’s goal?

Our Vision?

This vision is a 4-year journey to empower every disciple to join in Jesus’ work. It is a goal to recommission every Christian and every congregation to lead responsible Great Commission lives.

By the end of 2025, our vision is to see everyone discipling someone.

2025 Goals

  1. 2500 intentional relationships started for the sake of discipleship
  2. 250 leaders developed for ministry multiplication
  3. 75% of members connected in discipleship relationships
  4. 7 aligned churches partnering together
  5. 5 unreached people groups
  6. 25 residents enrolled in the Entrust Institute 

2023 Milestones

By the end of 2023, we hope to make progress toward these goals with these milestones:

  1. 1000 discipleship relationships
  2. 100 developed leaders
  3. 60% of members connected
  4. 5 aligned churches
  5. 2 UPGS
  6. 10 Entrust students