The LORD Is My Healer

Exodus 15:22-27 – When the Israelites discovered bitter water at the beginning of their trek through the wilderness, God instructed Moses on how to make it sweet. God reminded them that He is their Healer, and we must remember that no situation is behind His remedying. 


  • After God’s people had experienced deliverance, their journey was far from over (15:22).
  • Physical desperation can lead to increasing frustration (15:23-24).
  • God used a tree to make what was unbearable actually life-giving (15:25).
  • Since the people had been redeemed, it was time that they started acting like it (15:26).
  • The people were learning to trust in the “God Who Heals” [Yahweh-Rapha] (15:26).
  • Instead of refreshing them with what was accessible, God provided for them from what was impossible (15:27).


  • It’s better to pray to God about your problem than complain about it to a person.
  • Don’t be surprised if God brings you to the end of yourself so you can behold all of Him.
  • The cross is the only way to sustain the bitter things of this world.
  • Your obedience should be the natural response to God’s deliverance.

Do you believe the LORD to be your Healer?