Motivations for Evangelism

As Christians, we are called to evangelism. But why should we be motivated to do so? The more we understand Christ’s love for us, the more we will want to share it with others. 

Leading Through Conflicts

Leaders will experience no shortage of conflicts when they try to make a difference. It’s not a matter of if crises will come but how we will respond when we encounter them. 

Controlling Comparison

Many of us struggle with a poor image of ourselves because we live in a culture that constantly showcases everyone’s filtered, glamorous snapshots of what seems to be perfect lives. It’s dangerous for our souls.

The Reason We Struggle with Evangelism

You don’t have to share Jesus with others – you get to share Jesus with others! Maybe the reason you struggle in evangelism is that you’ve never considered what a privilege it is.

Offering Personal Stories

You remember that situation you never thought you would survive? Well, you did. You are still standing today. And part of that reasoning is so you can help others who have fallen down in similar situations.

You Are More Than Eyes Can See

We often look at people and judge them by external qualities that our observable to the human eye. While those elements are essential to consider, they do not define us.

Why Pastors Should Post

Pastors can approach social media platforms as available pulpits by which to point others to Jesus. If they are growing personally, they should look for opportunities to share what they are learning.

Singular Ambition

If we are going to follow Jesus truly through the 2nd mile and beyond, we must ensure that we don’t wander off onto other paths. Making our pursuit of Jesus to be our singular ambition clarifies all other decisions during our lives.

The State of the Southern Baptist Convention

Our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for the sake of fulfilling the Great Commission. With increasing conflicts within the denomination, we must clarify our church’s roles and responsibilities due to this connection.