Preparing a Church Budget

Every church has to prepare a church budget every year.  Before the congregation receives it, a substantial amount of time and a significant amount of people have prayed, talked, and worked hard to prepare it.  So, how should the process work? While there are many logistical tasks to be done, this endeavor is truly a spiritual exercise.  In preparing a …


Your Money Counts

With the economy reeling in the wake of the recent recession, many people are experiencing such financial challenges as credit card debt, downsizing, dead-end jobs, and inadequate or depleted savings. With these challenges come others as well. Recent studies confirm that more than half of all divorces are the result of financial pressures at home. And spiritually, many people are …


The Total Money Makeover

As newlyweds, we read The Total Money Makeover to understand the newfound responsibilities and opportunities concerning personal finances.  I honestly was clueless, and so I bought this book so that my bride didn’t think I would remain clueless.  It was a complete game-changing eye-opener for us during our first year of marriage. I am currently taking some guys through some …


The Debt Snowball

Want to get out of debt? Here is a principle that can help you do just that. Enjoy this video?  Check out the growing collection of Family Alter videos!

5 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

I’ve had the privilege to officiate many weddings.  I tried to count the other day, and I have led almost 40 weddings so far.  With those weddings, I have also counseled about 40 couples as they embark upon marriage. One of the greatest sources of conflict in marriage is finances. It doesn’t matter concerning family backgrounds, experiences, or amount of …


Saving While Spending

As Christmas shopping begins, don’t go into debt trying to please people with temporal trinkets. Here are 5 steps to help you spend wisely this year. Main Points Come up with a budget. Make a list. Determine spending amount. Get creative. Give what lasts. Every spending decision is a spiritual decision.

Financial Temptations

Services started out with baptisms this morning!  So wonderful watching these folks getting baptized and being reminded of how God is transforming lives around here! We sang “Doxology” with a little instrumental intro.  After that, we introduced a new song from “The Word” project entitled “Amazed.”  The song focuses on the ministry of Jesus and people’s reaction to him.  I …


Money Matters

Spending temptations are everywhere.  With the click of a “Buy” button, you can easily get all your favorite music on iTunes and simultaneously run up a bill of a hundred dollars.  Ultimately we spend and borrow, and we begin to develop a method of spending that is self-destructive.   Unwise financial decisions will cost you more than what you ever …


The Stewardship of the Church

As we continue through our “Church Matters” series, we come to week 8 – “The Stewardship of the Church.”  As far as the planning of the service goes, we focused on finding our satisfaction in God and not in our stuff.  The worship time was intended to lead people to realize that all of our contentment can be found in our relationship with God.

Jeff’s message was so legit.  I loved how he started it sharing how oftentimes money sermons go in a church and how he promised not to do that.  He said something to the tune of “I can preach on tithing here at this church or anywhere and the offering will go up for about 2 months and then go back to the regular amount…I’m just gonna be honest with you.  I refuse to preach the Word of God so that we will get more money.  My job as one of the pastors of this flock is not to get more money out of you but my job is to help you become greater worshipers of the Almighty.”  It was the best sermon I have ever heard on what stewardship truly is.

Today, we worshiped to:


Hurrying After Wealth

Making money is not an evil thing and can be a thing that God uses to meets the needs of others. But an overly-ambitious heart can lead to greed and the downfall of a man’s wealth and integrity.

Take a moment and read Proverbs 28:21-22: