Make More Money

Money is a tool. Money is not moral or immoral. It is amoral. It can be used for good or bad. Money in of itself is not evil. The love of money is the root of all types of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).

In fact, God is not against you making more money. It’s actually a good thing. Read Ephesians 4:28 and find out why:


Don’t Go in Debt on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is this week and what does that mean for America?  We are already focused on Christmas consumerism.  We are getting ready to honor the incarnation of God himself by going into debt up to our eyeballs.  Dangerous stampedes will happen all over our country on Friday to obtain gadgets before others do on the cusp of a day to celebrate gratefulness to what we already have.

Maybe there is a different way.

Before going shopping on Black Friday, I want to offer you a few tips:


“The Church is Always Talking About Money…”

I will never forget that conversation this year.  I talked with a guy who said every time he came to church, the preacher was always talking about money.  That revealed two things: 1) He had been to one of our church services twice within the last year, and 2) money had become his god.  And we cannot serve two masters.

A Pastor’s Wish List: A Debt-Free Church

We started a new sermon series today entitled “A Pastor’s Wish List.” Finances are an important part of life and they are given to achieve the same purpose as all other resources: to bring glory to God. If we obey God’s teaching in the area of finances, His church will be able to accomplish more in ministry and we will

Leadership Team Retreat

Tuesday through Thursday, I went to Hickory Knob State Park with North Side’s leadership team to strategize and to simplify.  We worked on the year’s upcoming budget and calendar and also tweaked a few things that needed improving.  While there is no way to include everything we worked through, I can give you a few topics so you can be

Bailout #4 (You + Credit Cards = Danger)

I have a rule about spending: unless it is a house, car, or education, I don’t borrow money.  I do not have a credit card.  Once I got a job, I decided to save money for any spending that I needed to do, but I never borrowed money.  I definitely never borrowed money from family because that leads to scrutiny

Chapter 10: The Budget (Freshman 15 Snippet)

Here’s a snippet from Chapter 10: The Budget: Besides food and lodging, there are plenty of other spending temptations.  Maybe you have the honest desire to dress like the most popular students on campus.  You don’t want to drive your mom’s minivan when other students are driving sports cars.  With the click of a “Buy” button, you can easily get

Bailout #3 (Are You a Broke College Student?)

Our college group at my church was traveling to invest in some children at a missions project during the summer, and I was driving one of the vans full of students.  I had just finished reading Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money Makeover, and I was befuddled at some of the stats I read.  I polled those riding on the van

Bailout #1 (or why our country is in the mess that it is in)

While the United States is still working on how to appropriate the funds for our national bailout, we are still unaware of when or if this financial crisis will be averted.  If you watch the news at all (or gaze at your retirement), you feel the pain and realize that this national crisis is affecting everyone. I believe that the