Committed Yet Disconnected

As Jesus’ ministry grew, His circle of friends grew as well. While He called out 12 disciples to specific service, there was a growing number of disciples as well who were not counted within that initial group. Some of His nearest disciples proved to be two sisters named Martha and Mary. Jesus resurrected their brother, Lazarus, from the grave. When

Eliminate Distractions

How distracted are you? What about others in your life? How preoccupied is your child? We live in a time when we are barraged with constant distractions. The pace of our lives and the setup of our technology has our minds in frantic disarray. Even as you read this short article, most likely, your mind will wander to your device

Making Time to Meet with God

Do you have an adequate margin to meet with God regularly? Your most important appointment of the day is making time to meet with God. Years ago, someone coined the phrase “quiet time.” Many people rightfully highlighted the need for this daily encounter in the Word and prayer. In addition to considering a quiet time, you also need to ensure

Never Noticed/Always Observed

What is never noticed in the life of a believer yet always observed? It is spiritual disciplines. If done correctly, you never see when someone does them, yet they are always obviously present in their lives. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus preached a sermon of which the world has yet to recover. In one section, he spoke of

Starting Your Next Discipline

Have you considered the spiritual giants in your life and why they are that way? They just seem to be in a different category than everyone else. We often categorize them as those who must be more spiritual than the rest of us, but what if that’s not it? What if it is because they are more disciplined than the

Discipline: Training Your Soul’s Habits

God has created us for and called us to unique tasks. As particularly gifted and positioned disciples, we each should pursue the needed maturity to do what God has called us to accomplish.

How to Have a Quiet Time

As a young Christian, people always told me about the importance of having a quiet time without anyone ever showing me how to have one. I tend to be a rather loud person anyway, so setting apart time to quiet myself seemed odd in the first place. What exactly am I supposed to do during that quiet time? All the

Stoney’s Bible

You can learn so much by studying someone’s Bible. In it, they leave clues regarding personal practices. When possible, I love to use someone’s personal Bible when preaching his or her funeral. It is a special connection. That proved to be true yet again while holding Stoney’s Bible. Stoney Huggins passed away at 88. I had the privilege of ministering

Memorize the 25 Most Important Verses

If we truly desire godliness, Scripture memory must be prioritized in our lives.  While the task can seem daunting, we have to start somewhere.   In this episode, discover some practical steps to go the 2nd mile in Scripture memory. You can listen to the 2nd Mile Podcast above or download it on your favorite app (Anchor, Apple Podcasts, GooglePodcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, PocketCasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher).  Some

When Your Spiritual Growth Seems Stunted

As believers, we should be in a state of spiritual growth, but too often, we seem to be stuck in the same place. If there is a true profession of faith, there should be a true progression of faith. In this episode of The 2nd Mile Podcast, we discuss the importance of selecting that next spiritual discipline to make intentional