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When Forces Oppose God’s Work

The opposition increased as Nehemiah and the people made progress on the wall. When forces oppose God’s work, we must stay faithful to His calling, knowing that He is more powerful than any resistance aligned against us.

Palmetto Collective

It was such an honor to pour into South Carolina college students at the Palmetto Collective Retreat. Personalized Discipleship Plan Distinctive Discipleship. Prepare a Distinctive Discipleship plan. This is a simple process to identify 6 key areas to work on in your life for the next few months. Bible Reading Plans Here are some of my favorite…

The Danger of a God We Could Edit

We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit. Our altered version of God would run this world into the ground because he would look too much like us.  

Commandments & Compromises

Your marriage would be much easier if sin weren’t in the picture. Unfortunately for you and your spouse, it is unavoidable. Your marriage can survive if you work together to navigate temptation, sin, and restoration when it all happens.