The Church That Won’t Stay Inside

If God is doing work inside a church, those who are outside should truly feel the effects of it. As we wait for the return of Christ, we should be the type of disciples unwilling to keep Kingdom activity within the walls of a church building.

Thanking God for This Church

Paul planted a church in Thessalonica, and, years later, he wrote them to express his genuine gratitude and persistent prayer for the congregation. As we look around our church family, we can also stand in awe of what Christ has done and anticipate what He will do.

Church Internship

For future ministry expansion, we desire to see people of all different skill sets used by God to impact lives. Maybe an internship at a local church could help you develop and develop you to help your church.


Italy converted the Splendid cruise ship into a floating hospital to assist the growing patients in their country. It transitioned from a trip of a lifetime to a hope for a lifeline. I believe our churches need to make the some type of transition.

Love Requires More Than Words

It’s one thing to tell people that you love them, but it’s an entirely different thing to show them. Love requires more than words and should be displayed through our deeds and truth.

Hopeful Help

Churches should be reliable centers for dispensing hope. In a world full of complex challenges, we must continue to help people with optimistic demeanors.

Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Some churches go all out, and some churches aren’t even aware that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While there are many ways you can bless your pastor, this idea will serve him more than any other.