The Ever-Changing Church

No matter what your church is like, change can be frightening.  Whether it’s a tradition of 50 years or 50 days, the moment that something changes, it’s a difficult process for people of every age and every background to embrace.

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Open Doors

Whether you are a member or a guest of Rocky Creek, we want to keep you informed during this time of transition in the Fall of 2018. Rocky Creek continues to celebrate spiritual and numerical growth, and the church must provide space for current growth and plan now for continued growth in the future.

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Jesus’ Prayer for His Church

When Jesus spoke of His Church, He spoke of a people and not a building (Matt. 16:18).  We are not called to come to church but to be the Church.

In John 17, we get insight into how Jesus prayed for the universal Church and how that applies to each expression of a local church.  Our hearts should be comforted by the fact that – of all people – Jesus Christ has prayed for us as a church.  The better we understand how Jesus prayed for us, the more we will comprehend how we are to live for Him.

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God’s Favorite Style of Church

Every Christian has their favorite style of church.  We all tend to gravitate towards a type of church that meets our desired preferences.  Have you ever thought about God’s favorite style of church?

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