Waypoint Recap – August 2021

We had an incredible Waypoint to celebrate all that the Spirit is doing in the lives of our church members! These are incredible days — let’s not take them for granted!

Family Formative

Once you realize that the most critical spiritual environment is the one in which we live, you will want to do everything within your power to equip the family to be who God has called them to be. How can your church be family formative?

Standing Room Only in the SBC

At the Southern Baptist Convention 2021 Annual Meeting, some things were better than imagined, and some realities were worse than expected. When there’s standing room only in the SBC, I pray for a day when it’s about the most important, unifying issues.

Approachable Attitudes

Those who lead in the church should always strive to portray approachable attitudes as they serve the people walking through the door. People need help, and it would help if they believed you actually want to help them.

The Crazy Uncle in the SBC

For all the good that the Southern Baptist Convention does, there are those members out there embarrassing the rest of the family. After our victory for biblical inerrancy, I pray we do not lose the battle for ministry integrity.

Siphoning Gas in the Church Parking Lot

As I was working in the church office one day, we noticed someone siphoning gas from my truck. Who in the world would drive to a church campus just to take? More people than you can possibly imagine.