Courageous in Lancaster

I had the extreme privilege to go and minister with Second Baptist Church Lancaster, SC last night. They were having a “Courageous” weekend, and I got to serve their church in some really special ways.

They had a men’s only screening of Courageous on Friday night.  Sunday morning, their pastor, Brian Saxon, had preached on fatherhood.  From 4 to 6, I taught a large group of guys who gave up a Sunday afternoon nap and a football game concerning fatherhood.  We took a 5 minute potty break, but we got into God’s Word and talked about what it meant to lead our homes.

At 6, I got to preach to the entire congregation.  Adam Langley and his crew did a great job leading worship – so wonderful to be led by him!

As I preached from Gen. 3 and Eph. 6, I offered an invitation for men to stand up and commit to the resolutions in the movie.  After that, I had the men pray over their families and had wives and children pray over their husbands.  There was no room left at the altar that people just had to find empty spots in the sanctuary.  It was a powerful time.  It was also very sobering for me watching so many of these men signing up to go through the Honor Begins at Home Bible study I worked on.  Praying that God uses that to impact homes!  It made me also think that men whom I will never see might be using that study right now.  Pretty neat how God uses the weak things of the world to serve others in places I will never be!

Afterwards, I was blessed to spend some time with the leadership of the worship team there and share what God was doing at North Side.  I had a wonderful time, gracious for the hospitality and the opportunity to pour into them a lot of what I worked on with Courageous and the book Don’t Drop Your Kids Off at Church.

It was a busy Sunday, but well worth it.  OG and I left after lunch, piled into the minivan, put on Crowder’s final album, and got after it.  Thanks for your prayers!