The Greatest Prayer Partner You Could Ever Have

I am excited to report that I have already made some great progress in the writing of the prayer Bible study curriculum with the Kendrick Brothers.  After a few weeks of study, writing, and working with some test groups, I have been amazed at what God is already doing through his Word to increase people’s prayer lives.

I spent Monday and Tuesday in Albany working with Stephen to get further down the road on the content.  The time spent was a great time in the Word and simply bragging on how God has answered prayers in our lives.  It is always a wise thing to remind ourselves of how good God is.

I loved everything about the trip to Albany (except for the fact that Stephen soundly defeated me at ping-pong three times – he has a dangerous spin on the ball).

Testing Out the Curriculum on a 2-Year-Old

In recent weeks, I’ve gained great insight from those around me.  One night, I had stayed up late and woken up early to finish one of the sessions.  As the children came downstairs, some of my stuff was still scattered around the living room.  Books, computers, Bibles, highlighters, and papers covered the floor.

Gloria began to pick things up and study them.  She picked up a copy of one of the weeks I was developing and said, “Daddy, can I read this to you?”

“Sure, baby.  I would love for you to read that to me.”

“Hmm…What is this book?”

“It’s a Bible study that Daddy is helping write on prayer.”


“You help me read it?”


I began to read some of the lines and she would repeat the final phrase after each sentence.  Giggling as she would try to act like she could read the last few words, we were having such a sweet time together.  I eventually got to some of the questions and read them in such a way that she understood that she needed to have an answer.  Getting her ready for discipleship groups!

After a few questions, I got to a question that read:

“Who do you know that is really devoted to prayer?”

She began to giggle and said:


As I began to laugh at her stereotypical Sunday school answer accompanied by her infectious smile, I realized that my 2-year-old daughter was spot on theologically.

“Yes, darling.  Jesus was very much devoted to prayer.”

If this curriculum works on her, maybe it will work on others as well!

Jesus Prays for You

During his time on earth, Jesus was committed to prayer.  He had a customary place to pray (Luke 22:39).  He was known to rise before the sunrise to spend time in prayer (Mark 1:35).  After successful times in ministry, he would withdraw from the crowds to pray (Matt. 14:23).  Before a major decision like choosing his disciples, he spent the night in prayer (Luke 6:12).

He made prayer a priority.

And do you know what he is doing right now?  Are you aware of what is on his schedule for the day?

Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.  -Hebrews 7:25

Jesus lives to make intercession for you.  He makes it his priority to pray over you.

Remember that Jesus composed the Lord’s Prayer, the Prayer in Gesthemane, and the High Priestly Prayer.

The one who did so much in front of so many amazed all.  But his disciples asked him to teach them one thing: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

That same Jesus has prayed for you today.  For those people who draw near to God, he commits to make it his job to pray for them.  He lives to make intercession for them.

Upon the throne in heaven, Jesus has prayed for me.

Oh, what grace!  Oh, what joyous wonder to behold!  The King of kings prays for me!

He might pray like what he prayed for Peter that his faith would not fail (Luke 22:32).  Maybe he prays that I would be sanctified by the word of truth (John 17:17).  Maybe he prays that I live not by my will but by his (Luke 22:42).

Whatever he has prayed for today, I rejoice to know I have made that list!  What greater prayer partner could we ever hope for?

If you have ever asked for prayer partners or wanted people to pray for you, realize this: the greatest prayer partner this world has ever seen prays for you!

I’m thankful Gloria gets that truth.  I pray I do too!