Why I Wrote a Book on Marriage (When There Are Far Better Resources Out There)

Since I have released my book on marriage this week, I have been encouraged by feedback.  Granted most of the encouragement has come before they have read the book, but I appreciate it nonetheless!  What God Has Joined Together was a resource I struggled with starting and finishing.

Without a doubt, there are far superior resources on marriage out there than my book. 

I don’t have any personal wisdom that is going to fill some void in the Christian literary world, but as a pastor, I make weekly attempts to help couples repair their marriages.  In my experience, I saw the need for a more accessible and detailed book for couples who don’t have the time or willingness to read a robust volume of marital concepts.  

There are incredible marriage books out there.  I was looking for a resource that helped equip couples to make significant changes in a reasonable amount of time.

I wrote this book for those who were ready for a definite action plan to improve their marriage in specific areas. 

Years ago, I had the idea for a resource like this one.  The thought was to call the book, What God Has Joined Together, and each section would succinctly address one particular item that could separate a marriage.  Someone could read the book as a whole or study a standalone chapter highlighting a specific separator.  I loved the idea so much that I led marriage conferences around the concept, and I even tried to convince someone else to write the book.  Eventually, I could see my burden for the resource was the apparent catalyst for me to work on it personally.           

I realized that while there may be better books on marriage out there, there isn’t a better book on marriage written by me. 

As a pastor, blogger, and friend, I realized that some people wouldn’t read just any book on marriage, but they might read a book on marriage that I wrote.  Not because I’m anything special, but because I believe that God grants each of us a level of credibility that resonates in a certain number of hearts and minds during our lifetimes, and I wanted to leverage that precious opportunity for their good. 

If some people might pick up a book on marriage that could help them only because I wrote it, I wanted to be a good steward of that trust.

I wanted to share this because:

  1. I want to admit my limited capabilities and influence,
  2. I want to use my limited capabilities and influence, and
  3. I want you to use your limited capabilities and influence.

You might not have a worldwide audience.  You might not possess a massive platform.  You know what?  That’s OK!

Even if your influence is limited, it is still influence.  If you are a Christian, that implies you are a disciple.  You have something to give away.  Are you using what you have to share with another?

Don’t wait for the platform you wish you had, use the one you have already.  

You never know how God may use what He has deposited in you.