Wiki God Book Overview

I am nearing completion on a book that has been simmering in my soul for years now.  It is called Wiki God.  The book is my attempt to remedy theological misunderstanding by teaching the biblical attributes of God.  It has been a difficult yet rewarding endeavor.

While I am in editing mode, I wanted to share the description of the book and a chapter listing.  I will share more regarding a release date in the days to come.

While I know this book will never be “complete,” in that when speaking of God, the content could always be improved, I am still trying to finish it in the days and weeks to come.  If you wouldn’t mind praying for the book’s completion, I would appreciate it!  I just pray that God uses it to make people more infatuated with him!

Book Overview

Our culture worships the Wiki God.

Wiki is a type of website that allows collaborative editing of its content.  Anyone can become an expert on anything.  We are currently living in a time that has taken this type of editable approach to theology.

We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit.  Many people are attempting to revise the Christian faith by cutting out what they don’t like, copying favorable ideas from other worldviews, and pasting them into some hopeless attempt at a hybrid faith.

Instead of editing who God is to align with our expectations, we must align ourselves with the Bible to help us understand what God has revealed to us concerning himself.

In each chapter of this book, a common misconception of God is presented followed by a description of the biblical attribute that seeks to correct the current cultural leanings.

We don’t need our versions of God.  We simply need God.

Chapter Listing

The chapter titles reveal a common miscalculation of who God is.  The information past the title is the biblical attribute discussed in that particular chapter.

  1. The Editable God – Intro
  2. The Needy God – The Independence of God
  3. The Man Upstairs God – The Transcendence of God
  4. The Video Screen God – The Immanence of God
  5. The Geriatric God – The Eternality of God
  6. The Upgraded God – The Immutability of God
  7. The Little Engine That Could God – The Omnipotence of God
  8. The Overbooked God – The Omnipresence of God
  9. The Undergraduate God – The Omniscience of God
  10. The Pollster God – The Wisdom of God
  11. The Permission-Seeking God – The Sovereignty of God
  12. The Unreliable God – The Faithfulness of God
  13. The Grade on a Curve God – The Holiness of God
  14. The Shady Past God – The Righteousness of God
  15. The Pushover God – The Justice of God
  16. The Thunderbolt God – The Mercy of God
  17. The Fuddy-Duddy God – The Goodness of God
  18. The Talent Judge God – The Love of God
  19. The Chutes and Ladders God – The Grace of God
  20. The Buffet God – Conclusion