Top 10 Sermons of 2019

In 2019, our preaching team worked through Mark, Membership Matters, Psalms [Vol. 1], Distinctive Discipleship, Malachi, and He Shall Be Called. Out of those sermons, the list below reveals the sermons that were viewed online more than any others. It is such a revealing and interesting list to see which sermons trended more than others.

I pray that our church’s attempt to preach the Word equips those in our church family and others who connect online!

#1. Is There Marriage in Heaven?

#2. Abandoning Our Families

#3. No Shortcuts for the Righteous

#4. The Proper Perspective for the Troubled Life

#5. Is Church Membership Even Biblical?

#6. Help for the Uniquely Stagnate Christian

#7. If We Would Just Listen to God

#8. Delight: Finding Your Necessary Motive

#9. How Should We Handle Unfaithful Members?

#10. In God We Trust

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