Top 2022 Posts

I pray that the weekly resources I post are helping you grow in your personal discipleship. Here are the top 22 posts from 2022.

#1 – North Greenville Fuge 2022 Recap

I watched Jesus do some amazing things at Fuge Camp hosted at North Greenville University on July 11-16, 2022. It was an honor to preach and serve alongside an incredible staff and some solid churches.

#2 – Ridgecrest Fuge 2022 Recap

The Spirit moved among Ridgecrest Fuge on June 13-17, 2022. The theme was “Matchless One,” and I was honored to preach for the camp.

#3 – 52-Week Bible Reading Plan

The 52-Week Bible Reading Plan is developed by Michael Coley and has a unique structure. For those who struggle reading through some of the more challenging sections of Scripture, this plan guides you through a different genre every day.

#4 – The State of the Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention is a fellowship of over 47,000 Baptist churches scattered across the United States and its territories. With growing concerns at the national level, it is important for our church to consistently evaluate our ongoing involvement with this group for the sake of the Great Commission.

#5 – The Convention Reckoning

It is a time of reckoning for the Southern Baptist Convention after the report of the Sexual Abuse Task Force. In light of all that has been done wrong in the past, it is time now to do what is right.

#6 – 2023 Sermon Planning Resource

Would you like a guide to help you prepare long-term sermon planning for next year? Here is a free resource to help you plan where God is leading you to lead your congregation.

#7 – The Difference Between Dangerous Wolves and Misguided Sheep

How can you determine the difference between what Jesus would call a sheep and a wolf in a church? One hurts themselves; the other intends to endanger others.

#8 – If Your Children Worship Like You

Will you be pleased if your children worship like you? Cause if you want them to have a deeper spiritual fervor than your own, you might want to start giving them an example to imitate.

#9 – Don’t Be a Slacker in Ministry

You might be able to fool some in your ministry into believing that you are working hard, but God knows your real efforts. Don’t be a slacker in ministry, but give God and others your very best.

#10 – Just (About) Married Is Now Available

I am so happy to share with you that Just (About) Married, a premarital book for intentional couples, is available today. I’ve had a burden for years to develop a resource that would assist couples in our church to better prepare for marriage, and it is finally complete.

#11 – Advice for Church Shoppers

If you are church shopping, let me give you some important advice: Do not come to a new church and expect it to operate like the one you just left. Perhaps the thing you miss might have contributed to its collapse.

#12 – Be Watchful

If anyone should have had the advantage to repeat successes and reject failures, it was King Rehoboam, son of Solomon and grandson of David.  But instead of learning from those before him, he actually did worse than them because he fell into five common traps that many men fall into as well.

#13 – How Is the Church Divided Over the Holy Spirit?

While Scripture is clear on the work of the Holy Spirit, Christians have debated specific roles based on assumptions or experiences. We must be careful not to alter His role to fit our expectations.

#14 – The Man on the Middle Cross

Do you think you’re too bad for Jesus to save you? The thief on the cross never had time to make his sin right, and Jesus freely promised him a place in Heaven.

#15 – How Sensual Exposure Affects a Marriage

One of the greatest threats to sexual purity and marital intimacy is the exposure of immoral material present in our society. Being a member of this culture ensures that you have been exposed to sinful content and suggestive comments that distort sexual sanctity.

#16 – 4 Things All Employees Need from Their Bosses

Many people grow weary of a leader not due to a character flaw but a competency flaw. If you are a supervisor to anyone, I would ask that you consider what could be done through your church if you took this aspect of your job seriously.

#17 – Give Your Mornings to Jesus

Out of all the passions you could pursue in the precious hours of the morning, I believe there is none more beneficial than spending time with Jesus. Before you try to make anything right in the world, make sure you are right with Him.

#18 – You’re Different

We share similar characteristics and certain propensities, but we are unique. We are different. And God made us that way.

#19 – Premarital Caution

If God created marriage, we should assume His perspective would be superior to the wisdom of an expert or any amount of experience. You can avoid specific marital issues by simply learning and applying the truths of God’s Word.

#20 – God Wants to Forgive Us

If your version of God portrays a begrudging being forced to be kind to us rather than eagerly willing to be gracious to us, you are not envisioning the God of the Bible. God actually wants to forgive us!

#21 – The Danger of Sweet-Spot Ministry

We all serve more effectively and efficiently if we are working in line with our giftings and passions. But even if you can’t find the ideal way to help doesn’t mean you should wait to serve in any capacity.

#22 – Ministry “Retirement”

While some ministers dream of a day when they don’t have to work anymore, the Bible gives an example of what ministry retirement should be like. It’s not the same type of work, but it’s just as important.