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No Storm Is a Match for Jesus

Jesus slept through the storms that terrified the disciples. No situation is so great that Jesus can’t handle it.

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The Kingdom of God Knows No Borders

Jesus taught parables to His disciples regarding how the Kingdom of God would grow. As His disciples, we should continue to do our part and watch God cause the growth.

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Why Some People Don’t Get It

Jesus told a parable of a sower which taught how different people will respond to the gospel message. As we share the gospel with others, we must be mindful of the reasons why some people don’t get it.

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When Your Family Hinders Your Discipleship

As Jesus’ influence increased, His family attempted to hinder His ministry.  Jesus taught that sometimes doing the will of God will incur the opposition of your physical family and secure the support of your spiritual family.

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What’s the Unforgivable Sin?

Jesus taught that there is a specific sin that is unforgivable by God. What is that sin and how do we avoid it?

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