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Open Your Home for Ministry

As Jesus gathered disciples, He befriended sinners in home settings.  Acknowledging the needs of those around us, we should open our homes and open our hearts to minister to those in close proximity to us.

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We Need Forgiveness More Than Healing

When Jesus forgave a man who came looking for healing, He revealed our need and His authority.  As we attempt to bring people to Jesus, we must seek to address their greatest need – their need for forgiveness.

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Jesus Isn’t Afraid of Your Mess

Moved with pity, Jesus touched and cleansed a leper who lived on the fringes of society. With the needs around us, we must be willing to place ourselves into messy situations in order to see redemption in others.

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Early Riser

Jesus prioritized time with His Father early in the morning to prepare for the day’s assignments.  If we are to follow His example, we must carve out intentional time for spiritual growth.

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Ministry Can Happen Anywhere

Jesus ministered at religious gatherings and at relational gatherings. If we understand the power of God, we will live in such a way that acknowledges that ministry cannot be hindered by a time, place, or situation.

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