Chapter Listing for New Marriage Book

I am still working on the edits on a new book on marriage.  It is titled, What God Has Joined Together.  The book focuses on 31 short chapters of specific issues that attempt to separate a marriage.

My prayer is that these specific chapters will help strengthen and protect marriages.  One of the most difficult things about this project was coming up with the list of needed chapters.  What do you include?  What do you leave out?

I appreciate your prayers as I complete this work.   Here are the specific chapter titles below:

  1. Let Nothing Separate
  2. Let No Misalignment Separate
  3. Let No Selfishness Separate
  4. Let No Bitterness Separate
  5. Let No Miscommunication Separate
  6. Let No Disrespect Separate
  7. Let No Indifference Separate
  8. Let No Expectation Separate
  9. Let No Past Separate
  10. Let No Parents Separate
  11. Let No In-Laws Separate
  12. Let No Children Separate
  13. Let No Friendship Separate
  14. Let No Sex Separate
  15. Let No Secrets Separate
  16. Let No Career Separate
  17. Let No Busyness Separate
  18. Let No Finances Separate
  19. Let No Hobby Separate
  20. Let No Fox Separate
  21. Let No Addiction Separate
  22. Let No Adultery Separate
  23. Let No Pornography Separate
  24. Let No Technology Separate
  25. Let No Password Separate
  26. Let No Midlife Crisis Separate
  27. Let No Incompatibility Separate
  28. Let No Hardship Separate
  29. Let No Spiritual Apathy Separate
  30. Let No Pride Separate
  31. Let No Sin Separate