What God Has Joined Together [Marriage Book Available Now]

I’m happy to announce that my new book, What God Has Joined Together, is now available!  This targeted resource on marriage seeks to help equip you and your spouse to build the type of marriage the glorifies God.  You can get your copy on Amazon.

For all those who have encouraged and prayed during this process, I thank you very much!  While I don’t have any more expertise or experience than another, I do want to share what I have learned from God’s Word regarding this wonderful gift of God.  I do pray that God uses this book to help your marriage or any marriage that you think this resource would benefit.

Book Overview

What God has joined together, let not man separate.

Marriage is simple in theory but difficult in application. God puts a marriage together, and then we are supposed to do our part to keep it together. Along the way, we turn out to be the real problem.

Regardless of how healthy or unhealthy your marriage currently is, it could be more robust. Any degree of separation between you and your spouse needs to be addressed immediately. This resource seeks to help you in just that worthy endeavor. This book contains 31 succinct chapters focusing on 31 particular marriage separators.

You can read this book by yourself or with your spouse. You can read it altogether or one chapter at a time. Each section contains some specific applications with which to get to work right away. If your marriage could use any type of help, would you put some effort into it now?

I don’t know how strong your marriage is right now, but I do know this: Jesus is for your marriage.

Out of all the helpful experts I could bring to a situation, no one who can rival his ability to strengthen what is weak or resurrect what is thought to be dead. He put marriage together, and he can help keep yours together. Will you join him?

Get your copy on Amazon.