The Looming Decision for COVID Education

I have talked with so many parents who are concerned with the unknown situation regarding their children’s education during these anxious times we live in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now in July, and most parents are holding their breath awaiting an imminent decision with serious implications.

My COVID-19 Test Results

When I heard they were testing for the COVID-19 antibodies at the Blood Connection, my curiosity was killing me. You see, I thought I had “the Rona” back in February. I was shocked by the results.

Ministry Roundtable on the COVID-19

I don’t remember the pandemic course in seminary. All pastors are learning on the fly in days in like these. We are dependent upon God’s principles contained in Scripture, God’s guidance through His Spirit, and God’s wisdom given through knowledgeable people. My friend, Wayne Bray, has a great heart for the local church. As the pastor of neighboring First Baptist

Taking My Eyes Off the COVID-19

It’s Monday morning. We have an international pandemic on our hands, and I don’t know what to do. As an individual, husband, dad, pastor, and friend, I feel like many want me to provide answers. Some I have, but others I don’t. I’m an extremely optimistic pastor. I have faith in God. I know he can do the impossible. I’m

7 Years

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years of serving as the Lead Pastor of Rocky Creek. This church family has been a steady source of inspiration as we have sought to follow Jesus together.

My 2022 in 22 Pictures

How do you summarize a year in the life of an individual, family, and calling? I went through the archives and decided that the best way to do it was by sharing 22 pictures that best summarize what God did around me in 2022.

Unreliable Precautions

Tragedy struck when a Chinese policy to quarantine citizens who tested positive for Covid-19 killed 27 people on the midnight bus ride. It serves as a reminder that no matter how many precautions we take, we are never truly invincible.

The State of the Southern Baptist Convention (2022)

The Southern Baptist Convention is a fellowship of over 47,000 Baptist churches scattered across the United States and its territories. With growing concerns at the national level, it is important for our church to consistently evaluate our ongoing involvement with this group for the sake of the Great Commission.


Italy converted the Splendid cruise ship into a floating hospital to assist the growing patients in their country. It transitioned from a trip of a lifetime to a hope for a lifeline. I believe our churches need to make the some type of transition.

Addressing Anxiety

Life can give us reason to worry, to be fearful, or to be anxious. However, the fears of our current world are temporary, and we should focus on eternity. When tempted to worry, be fearful, or be anxious, fight against that temptation to sin.