Leadership Resources

If you desire to be faithful in the leadership opportunities God has given you, I pray that these resources can help further your development. Whether you are a ministry leader or a leader desiring to lead from a biblical mindset, these resources are meant to add to your toolbox.

Below you can find a growing collection of biblically-based leadership resources. You will find articles, sermons, and workshops on the topic. I pray that these resources can help you discover the hopeful perspective that each of us needs.

Why It’s Important to Encourage Spiritual Leaders

There are days when your spiritual leaders could use some encouragement, yet most of them could probably use a lot. You may never know the difference that a small intentional dose may provide for someone else.

Strategic Staff Meetings

We work hard to make our churchโ€™s staff meetings efficient and effective because thatโ€™s not the typical experience for many. By using a shared slide, we prepare before the meeting and get more accomplished together.

Planning with a Purpose

If you want to break the weekly cycle of aimlessly planning worship services, you can plan with a purpose. Considering your church and team, you can learn how to improve your ability to design intentional worship gatherings.

How to Write Yourself Clear

Sometimes my mind is like a nonstop whirlwind of audacious ideas, nagging reminders, and unfortunate regrets. While my brain is on overdrive of varying thoughts, I lack clarity on what it is exactly that I need to do and am unsure of what to do next.

Leading Like Jesus

Jesus single-handedly altered the course of history and is the most influential person who ever lived. As a homeless teacher, His ministry emerged from obscurity to a worldwide impact based on uncommon humility and power.

Leading Through Conflicts

Leaders will experience no shortage of conflicts when they try to make a difference. Itโ€™s not a matter of if crises will come but how we will respond when we encounter them.ย 

Patient Placement

Most aspiring individuals attempt to exalt themselves into higher positions of leadership. Jesus breaks the common paradigm by teaching that the humble wait to be exalted.

Leading in Ministry

Ambitious yet isolated individuals will not advance Kingdom work. Jesusโ€™ plan to reach the world hinges on our ability to pass lessons and provide opportunities to those behind us.ย 

Leading Through Weakness

We can easily miss leadership opportunities due to perceived inabilities. We must maintain that conviction that God will give us what we need to accomplish what He has called us to do.

Leading By Example

A position may grant you the right to give orders, but a true leader is one who diligently works alongside others. Your example lived in front of others will be the most remarkable leadership lesson you could ever teach.ย