How Should We Interpret Wisdom Literature?

Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament is that portion of Scripture that helps us understand how to apply God’s wisdom in our lives. It makes sense to reason that if the LORD created the world, He knows the best way to navigate through it.

How Should We Interpret the Law?

In the opening books in the Bible, God establishes the Law upon which the Israelites were expected to live. As New Testament disciples, we must use careful interpretative guidelines as we study and apply this portion of Scripture.

What Are Literary Genres in the Bible?

The Bible is one book made up of 66 smaller books with distinct genres differing from each other. To interpret the Bible accurately, we must understand the nature of genres and how the Bible is organized.

What Role Does Context Play in the Bible?

Even without acknowledging it, we project our context upon Scripture in order for it to say what we want it to say. As we study Scripture, we must filter the reader’s context through the knowledge of the author’s context.

Who Determines the Meaning of Scripture?

A study of Scripture lacking thorough interpretative guidelines can lead to inaccurate beliefs. The foundational task of hermeneutics is deciding who determines the meaning of Scripture. 

What Is Hermeneutics?

If God took the lead to communicate to us through the Bible, we must take our time to interpret that truth diligently. The task of hermeneutics is interpreting God’s Word into our context.

Hermeneutics Overview

We all say that we should know the Bible better than we do. Don’t you think it’s time that we did something about it?

Generational Curses

God’s Word exposes numerous issues for any family to address in order to walk in conformity with his standard and design. A misunderstanding of generational curses can discourage people from making noble attempts to turn a family’s legacy around.