Biblical Expectation

The Great Commission was never “Plan B” according to God’s agenda. From the very beginning, God desired to create a community of people helping one another to follow Him.

Thorough Theology

To embrace a biblical theology, we cannot pick and choose which doctrines to accept. By developing a thorough theology grounded in Scripture, we understand God as He truly is rather than who we think He ought to be.

The Work of Christ

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ provide the path for us to experience true life. In Christ’s work, we find our salvation and purpose.

Human Nature

Mankind’s distinct nature derives from being made in the image of God. As image-bearers, men and women are called to be like God.

Agents of God

Biblical theology includes an understanding of angelic and demonic forces. The spiritual realm is a war field with stakes higher than we could possibly imagine.


The doctrine of creation is a critical issue for theology because it sets up the foundation for all other doctrines within the Christian worldview. In the Scriptures, we discover a transcendent God who has sovereignly created all things.

The Work of God

God’s providential work among creation ensures that His benevolent identity guides His sovereign activity. To know the heart of God is to trust the hand of God. 

The Nature of God

Knowing who God is helps us comprehend what it is that God does. Within Scripture, we discover the glorious nature of God by embracing all of His attributes.