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Travis Agnew

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Standing Room Only in the SBC

At the Southern Baptist Convention 2021 Annual Meeting, some things were better than imagined, and some realities were worse than expected. When there’s standing room only in the SBC, I pray for a day when it’s about the most important, unifying issues.

Fighting Fear

When we were kids, we were scared of the unknown things that went bump in the night. The older we get, our fears just transition rather than disappear. We can easily find ourselves paralyzed to live the life God has called us to live due to uneasiness.

Approachable Attitudes

Those who lead in the church should always strive to portray approachable attitudes as they serve the people walking through the door. People need help, and it would help if they believed you actually want to help them.

Naked & Unashamed

God designed sexual intimacy to be experienced solely within the confines of marriage. Like all gifts from God, it is enjoyed to the fullest extent when it is guided by God’s directives.

When God Calls the Family Meeting

Our Heavenly Father loves us enough to correct us when we are in the wrong. In His discipline, He is more concerned with teaching us what we should do rather than shaming us for what we have done.