The Programmatic Early Church

Ministry often happens by unexpected opportunities, but they are often crafted and even encouraged by intentional gatherings. Programs aren’t evil. They are even somewhat necessary.

Bible Reading Basics

We all know the discouragement that comes when we attempt to read the Bible with great eagerness only to quit once a personal streak is broken. If we are going to be committed to knowing the God of the Bible, we must maintain our time in it.

Distinctive Discipleship

If every Christian is in a unique place surrounded by specific challenges, why do we think that a widespread approach will work for every single one of us? Let me help you design a personal plan for spiritual maturity.

Hi, I’m Travis.

I’m a disciple of Jesus, and I treasure the opportunity to share with others what He is teaching me. I pray that maybe something on this site can help you as you follow Him.


The Church That Won’t Stay Inside Rocky Creek

If God is doing work inside a church, those who are outside should truly feel the effects of it. As we wait for the return of Christ, we should be the type of disciples unwilling to keep Kingdom activity within the walls of a church building.

Bible Reading Challenge The 2nd Mile Podcast

For all the failed attempts at reading God’s Word, you still have this nagging desire to know it better. Instead of wallowing in regret or focusing on failures, make a plan to go forward. You can read the Bible. You can know God better. It’s time to go the second mile in accepting a Bible reading challenge.  Download the Word 100-Day Bible Reading Plan Get more resources at

The Old Testament Rocky Creek Equip

The Old Testament archives the beginning of God's work to redeem God's people. From the very beginning, God had a plan that no enmity or enemy could stop.

Stand Up for an Old Man

Age is intended to bring about a certain level of dignity and respect. Unfortunately, the older you get, the more neglected you become in our culture.

Disregarding the Marriage Owner Manual

Within his carefully crafted manual, God teaches me everything I need to start marriage well and to see it to completion. So, why do I resist learning from Him and try to do it on my own?

Personal Responsibility for Kingdom Activity

Our mission as a church is that we are making disciples who take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity. What could happen if every disciple took Great Commission ownership?

Finally Reading Your Bible

While much of the world is busy making resolutions that may not last the month, I want to encourage you instead to make a plan for the most life-changing habit you can have in this life – reading your Bible. It’s time to put down the excuses.

The Old Testament

The Old Testament archives the beginning of God’s work to redeem God’s people. From the very beginning, God had a plan that no enmity or enemy could stop.





Distinctive Discipleship

You don’t have to stay spiritually stuck. What if you could create a plan uniquely tailored to get you growing again?

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