Marriages and Passwords

With the rise of social media and the barrage of technological connectivity, marriages can become endangered if proper precautions are not in place.  Operating from numerous devices and connecting through various mediums, we are able to connect with people in a host of ways.  The ability to have pseudo-community with other people is at an […]

Defining Discipleship

We talk about making disciples, but do we know how to do it?  In this series of lessons on Personal Discipleship, let’s pray that we start obeying the biblical mandate regarding discipleship. Before we can make a disciple, we need to figure out what one looks like. What Is a Disciple? Definition In its simplest […]

Disciples Keep Growing

Colossians 1:1-8 Disciples Keep Growing Paul recognized the Colossian church as a group of disciples who had been changed and yet were still being changed by the gospel.  As disciples, the gospel should be continually bearing fruit and increasing within us and through us. 9 Traits of Growing Disciples Disciples keep growing if: their faith […]

Weekly Wisdom [01.05.18]

Need some Weekly Wisdom?  Here are my favorite resources of the week. I am going to try something different this year in sharing weekly resources that impacted me.  Last year, I read 1 book per week and would post my favorite quotes from each volume here on the blog, but I also have been benefiting […]