Help for Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety, you are not alone.

Did you know that even biblical heroes like Moses, David, and Elijah were not immune? Jesus even got so overwhelmed once that He said His soul was troubled to the point of death. The lies in your head want to tell you that you are the only one who struggles, but that is not true.

Not only have those before you struggled, but many around you are also overwhelmed. There is hope regardless of your situation. God’s Word provides wisdom and counsel for us when we feel at our lowest.

Below you can find a growing collection of biblically-based resources on how to deal with anxiety. You will find articles, sermons, and workshops on the topic. I pray that these resources can help you discover the hopeful perspective that each of us needs.

Lies Associated with Anxiety

After Elijah experienced God move mightily upon the mountaintop, his joy was short-lived due to following opposition. God’s instruction to Elijah during his depressed state provides direction for our own troubled souls.

The Anxiety of Ministry

Caring for souls within a local church can cause anxiety for its leaders. Rely on God’s power to change your church, and don’t settle for what you can do.

When Anxiety Attacks

Making a stance for joy is waging a war against worry. Scripture clearly teaches what a disciple should do when anxiety attacks.

Redirecting Anxiety

So many Christians feel tremendous guilt for the level of anxiety they struggle with on a daily basis. You need to realize that you haven’t sinned when anxiety hits, but you could sin by the way you address it.

For Those in Need of Hope

When we look around us at the state of the world, we can easily succumb to fear and anxiety. In the midst of unsettling times, you can turn to God for the hope that you so desperately need.

The Weariness of Worry

You would have plenty of valid reasons to worry if God was not your intentionally provisional Father. Rid yourself of the weariness of worry and trust God for your daily needs.

Take Every Thought Captive

What do you do with all the thoughts that consume you throughout the day? When sinful thoughts swarm your subconscious, acknowledge their presence in God’s presence.