936 Saturdays


The picture above was taken last Saturday in our backyard.  Amanda and the boys went out to lunch to spend some time together.  I was enjoying some one-on-one time with my little girl, Gloria.

With a list a mile long of things that needed to get done or could get done, I was very tempted to set her in front of something that would occupy her attention while I worked.

As a progress-aholic, I am used to taking such steps.  Last Saturday, the Holy Spirit and Gloria wouldn’t let me.

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The Lord Will Fight for You (While You Keep Silent)

As Moses approached the Red Sea, a nation of followers anxiously awaited his next move while an army of vengeful Egyptians pursued them ever more closely.  While Israel became uneasy and demanded Moses to do something, his response was a shock then and it is to so many of us:

“The LORD will fight for you when you keep silent” (Ex 14:14).

At that point, Moses stretched out his arms and waited for God to come through and deliver them.

The problem with us is we think we are a better fighter than God.

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Zuckerberg, Lucas, and You

Something is wrong with the world as we know it.

Facebook has changed yet again, and the Facebook community is in a tizzy.  Disgust and outrage fill status feeds, news reports, and paper headlines.  How dare Mark Zuckerberg keep changing a good thing?

Within days of the Facebook mutiny, global Star Wars fans are distraught that George Lucas has changed scenes yet again in his recent Blu-Ray versions of the Star Wars saga.  Tinkering with some effects is one thing, but when he started changing details in the story lines reopened the scab for those still upset that Han Solo was “provoked” by Greedo.

So, let me get this straight.  Most of the world is hooked on Facebook.  Created by brilliant college student, Facebook is the way people attempt to share life these days and is the most visited website in the world.  It has literally changed how people function in our society.  And we are mad at the guy who made it because he changed it?

George Lucas, who single handedly changed the movie industry, wrote a script that millions of fans have memorized.  When he decides to enhance a story that he wrote, we get mad at him for changing what we like as if he has no rights to the story.

The outrage this week reminded me how we think we are the center of the universe.

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