Don’t Let Your Children Ruin Your Marriage

  While children are one of God’s greatest gifts, a subtle yet dangerous trap is for parental demands to hinder marital unity.  In every stage of parenting, the demands are significant.  The amount of care, attention, affection, time, and resources that the tiniest members of your family require can be stifling. If not careful, a […]

What Does It Mean to Bless My Children?

Throughout the Bible, parents would bless their children.  Have you ever wondered how a parent is supposed to give what is called a biblical blessing? “As heavenly Father, God set up a pattern of blessing for His people: verbally affirming His acceptance and support of them, painting vivid pictures of their expected future, and investing […]

Gospel Essentials

When we think about having a Gospel Focused Family, we need to first focus upon gospel essentials.  What is essential for your family member to understand in order to respond to the gospel? Your family’s greatest need is the gospel. Concerns You might have concerns about sharing the gospel with your family.  These are common […]