Addressing Your Loneliness

As the state of the world lengthens the timing of social distancing and normalizes our acceptance of it, we are in danger of becoming used to isolation. Loneliness is a standard emotion for many people and the consequences are devastating.

The Ending of Hostility

As the United States continues to further the philosophical divide, the greatest point of conflict has to do with how all citizens respond to God. As all nations rage against God, He has a sovereign plan to deal with every single one.

It’s Not Fair (To Compare)

We look at what others have and we say, “It’s not fair.” Let’s clarify: it’s not fair to compare. Pride tells us we deserve more, and that we should have it better than other people. So if we deserve more, we will get more at whatever it costs.

Down But Not Out

The people of God know what it is like to be down but not out. No matter the opposition we encounter, our God continues to hold us steadfast.

Investigate Me

God is infinitely responsible and yet intimately involved. Since God knows every detail about every person, we ought to welcome him to investigate the deepest part of our lives.

When Depression Deepens

When depression deepens, every person will either draw closer to God or further away from him. When all hope seems to be lost, resolve to hope in God nonetheless.

More Than the Man Upstairs

True worshipers can never perceive God as merely the “man upstairs.” As the Sovereign Maker, he is alone worthy of extravagant worship.